Sequence Activities Process

Our rolling wave approach to project management helped us allocate resources at the right time after defining the tasks that must be completed. By analyzing the sequencing of activities and creating a schedule through the project management process, activities can be assigned an order.

The goal of sequence activities is to achieve maximum efficiency during the execution phase by taking into account internal and external dependencies, assumptions, and constraints. By knowing where the action will take place, it will be easier to plan.

There are important steps when developing a project schedule; the crucial element is identifying priority completion dependencies between activities and determining a definite timeline when those steps should be completed by understanding the sequence of them. An example would be lining a wall with house paint before painting the wall itself. In other words, before we paint the wall, let's paint the wall we've put up. Failure to observe this sequencing will either make more work for us in the long run or will result in changes on the schedule.


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