Schedule Management Knowledge Area

In my experience, scheduling a project effectively is an integral part of project management. In addition, it is managing the project schedule that causes the greatest amount of dissatisfaction in clients with project managers. The successful completion of any project requires time management, and schedule management knowledge area takes all scheudule-related content in.

A project's deliverables must be completed as soon as possible, which requires determining the duration of each activity as accurately and confidently as possible. Typically, this involves identifying what kind of dependencies or blockers might cause delays, and then determining the shortest path to completion.

The planning process starts with the work breakdown structure, or with a list of the individual components or steps to accomplish, defining activities that will make the project execution smoother. As the next step you need to sequence the list to ease the job of the person who is working and stay organized.

As part of the process, estimates are developed by considering factors such as the team's availability and skills, the customer's requirements, and project information, culminating with the creation and publication of a schedule. As part of the Monitoring & Controlling phase, points are awarded to complete the project by successfully controlling the schedule and following it consistently.


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