Stakeholder Engagement Assessment Matrix

By answering the questions about their positions in the company and level of engagement with the project, you can identify key stakeholders using the stakeholder engagement assessment matrix. Use this matrix to understand the different stakeholders and to get feedback from them. 

Whenever anyone on the stakeholder engagement assessment matrix is having doubts, follow up with them to clarify. Once all responses have been compiled, analyze the information to determine which roles and responsibilities are needed within your team. If a stakeholder has a high interest but low engagement, you need to either involve them more or find someone else to take over those responsibilities.

One or both of two things need to happen for stakeholders who have interest but low engagement: They need to become more involved or you should give their responsibilities to someone else. Either way, if the stakeholders are not even slightly interested in the work you want them to do, find someone else to do it. 


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