Manage Quality Process

As soon as you have completed the Quality Management Plan , the next step is to turn it into practical quality activities that correspond with the quality policies of your organization. It facilitates identifying processes that lead to poor quality, as well as increasing the probability of meeting quality objectives.

Schedule Baseline in Project Management

When assessing the likelihood of project management success, project schedule is believed to be the most crucial factor. In the planning process group of a project, the   schedule baseline   must be established and reviewed . As a next step, the baseline should be approved by those who are responsible for the project and by those who have authority to make decisions.

Schedule Management Knowledge Area

In my experience, scheduling a project effectively is an integral part of project management. In addition, it is managing the project schedule that causes the greatest amount of dissatisfaction in clients with project managers. The successful completion of any project requires time management, and schedule management knowledge area takes all scheudule-related content in.

Control Schedule Process

During the control schedule process , progress is checked against the original Schedule baseline to determine if the project is behind or ahead of schedule or if adjustments need to be made. Follow the appropriate steps in the right way, and we can stop mistakes that cause a project to be delayed.

Develop Schedule Process

Preparing a project's work schedule is imperative. Having an efficient work schedule will allow the project stakeholders to utilize their time more wisely, thereby enabling them to finish their work assignments in a timely fashion. On top of this, the project should be able to get done in time to meet your deadline.

Sequence Activities Process

Our rolling wave approach to project management helped us allocate resources at the right time after defining the tasks that must be completed. By analyzing the sequencing of activities and creating a schedule through the project management process, activities can be assigned an order.

Estimate Activity Durations

Based on estimates of work resources, estimate activity durations process estimates the durations of tasks. In order to determine how long an activity will take to complete, activity duration estimates are one of the most crucial components of a project schedule.