Schedule Baseline in Project Management

When assessing the likelihood of project management success, project schedule is believed to be the most crucial factor. In the planning process group of a project, the schedule baseline must be established and reviewed . As a next step, the baseline should be approved by those who are responsible for the project and by those who have authority to make decisions.

With a baseline plan, we can assess how much of what we had planned to do was achieved so far. To express it differently, to be able to measure how a project is performing, we create a baseline schedule. That is the reason for creating it. It constructs the project's core along with the scope baseline and cost baseline.

The work that has been done so far should be reviewed and revised to be in line with the original plan before a specified time period has elapsed. Whenever the baseline is changed in waterfall projects, a change control plan must definitely be followed and formal change procedures should be used. 


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