Identify Stakeholders Process

Anyone who might be impacted by the results of a project are considered stakeholders. One of the first things to do for any project is identify the stakeholders because this will dictate how the whole thing is managed. Imagine not knowing who you are helping when you come up with a plan.

Identify stakeholders process involves identifying the people or groups that may or may not be impacted by a particular project decision. In a project, stakeholders are impacted when a planning or implementation change occurs. 

This process allows the project manager to decide how much attention should be given to each stakeholder individually or in groups. To help project managers identify and mitigate stakeholder impact as they affect each other. 

Project management begins with stakeholder identification. Identifying stakeholders is crucial because a project wouldn't exist without them! It's important to include these people throughout the project because they may impact what needs to be done, how it should be done, or when it should be completed.


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