Define Activities Process

A project's activity is defined as the amount of work performed that converts inputs into outcomes. The define activities process refers to the process of identifying and documenting the actions that must be performed to achieve the project's deliverables. By breaking down large work packages into smaller tasks, the project manager can estimate, schedule, execute, monitor, and control the work on the project.

To make this happen, a project manager needs to break down a project's larger work packages into smaller tasks and divide them up between different teams. Using smaller activities from the big work packages, project managers can estimate time and costs, create schedules, implement plans, monitor progress, and gain greater control.

In order to complete a project, we must first figure out what we need to accomplish, and then we will have a useful list to work off. This list of activities will be extremely useful when estimating the amount of time and people needed for the project and assigning tasks accordingly.


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